We don't have time to build Climate Techs that nobody wants

We help Climate Tech founders define their product proposition. 

We align teams and validate product roadmaps so that you can WOW your investors.


Create an actionable product roadmap and compelling investment proposition

If we are going to reach our net-zero goals, we need Climate Techs to find solutions that customers want and get to product-market fit — quick.

But with limited time and money, where do you start? 

We can show you how to get rid of the guesswork, align your team and start moving forward. We'll help you develop a compelling story to take to your investors.

Our approach will help you define an actionable product roadmap and provide data along the way to course-correct your business model towards success.

Our vision is to help Climate Techs succeed in finding practical solutions to the Climate Crisis by building products that customers want.


Don't build products that nobody wants

To get More Traction: Don't guess, test it!

Don’t guess, test!

Let customer sentiment drive your decision-making and eliminate the need to guess what works.

Use data to define product roadmap

Stop thinking that you can
"build it & they will come"

Use data, not opinions, to define your product roadmap.

Get stakeholder and investor support

Hope is not a strategy.

Real data from lots of experiments will provide the proof you need to get stakeholders over the line.


Climate Tech value props are tricky

Customers are putting their money where their heart is and choosing brands aligned with their values. But Climate Tech products can be highly technical and not easily understood. Thus, conversion can be poor.

We help Climate Techs define their target customers, uncover their problems and develop value propositions that convert.


No designers? No devs? No problem

We help you create on-brand, eye-catching, and high-converting experiments, without needing to dive into code.

Working with us is like adding a marketing expert, designer, and developer to your team all in one.


Show real traction, not just another pitch deck

Mission-critical assignments, tight deadlines & small budgets are the norm. With clients spanning scale-ups to large corporates, we know that demonstrating traction is the best weapon to get stakeholders across the line.

We use experiments to prove that your business is on a growth path and turn these insights into a compelling story to get your investors on board.


Fewer curve balls, more heads nodding

It's nearly impossible for investors to understand and invest in your business unless they get comfort that you've done your homework. How can they make good decisions if they can't understand your proposition?

We've spent the last 15 years helping teams align on a product vision, validate the opportunity and translate this into a compelling investment proposition ready for funding. We've raised over $50M in the process.


Our customers & partners


What our customers say

"Leo has been incredibly supportive and a great coach helping our startup work through our customer pain points and the pathway forward for our business within our market segment. Great enthusiasm, structure and support!"

“The Business Model testing helped move the needle in the right direction and has provided a platform we can build from in this next phase.”

“Leo's guidance provides laser focus on the most important next steps to success. He has helped set up a framework that supports testing ideas and markets, all within a strategy to growth that best suits my company. My engagement with Leo prepares and inspires me to reach out to my prospective customers with confidence.”

“Clarifying the business model can feel like bowling without the bumpers. A clear structure and framework to follow with helpful facilitation makes the process efficient and effective. It's been helpful to get us more clarity on what we've been trying to achieve and provide more accountability. The direction is promising and the process has been helpful to get us there.”

fulle logo

Ahead of an important capital-raising push, Fulle wanted to develop a pitch deck and deliver it with confidence. They had received mixed feedback from mentors and VCs and were unclear about how to craft a compelling narrative to get investors on board


Working closely with the founders, we extracted key insights and dived head into the business to get a thorough understanding of where they were at and what they were trying to achieve. We used this information to craft a storyline that strung together every element of their pitch deck. We then provided a checklist of the supporting data they needed to back up every part of the storyline. Finally, we briefed a designer to polish the deck's style and readability.

In addition, we worked with the founders to refine their delivery of the pitch ahead of an important overseas capital-raising effort.


In just over one week, we were able to leverage the hard work that the founders had already done and translate it into a story that captured their vision for the company and made the opportunity clear to investors.

The team was empowered through the detailed critique of the narrative and refinement of their pitch delivery. "Thanks, Leo you have been absolutely awesome, and are so grateful for your support"

Green KPI Logo cropped-GreenKPI-Long-Logo

Green KPI's sustainability software is driving change with hundreds of sustainability actions on environmental and social impact. Green KPI were in the final stages of building their product but now needed to turn their attention to converting customers' "sounds interesting" into "shut up and take my money".


Working with the founder, we were able to define a business model for a specific customer type which made the most sense to start with. This product vision was translated into 3-year, 3-month and 3-week goals as well as a battery of experiments to get the traction metrics required.


Aligned the team on a clear target and built their muscle and confidence to use experiments to obtain traction metrics. 

Go Solar Sooner Logo-1

GoSolarSooner's innovative service proposition was born from a gap identified in the residential solar panel market: how might we make it easier for homeowners to find, choose & purchase solar for their homes? The team was looking for ways to understand the Desirability, Viability and Feasibility of their proposed solution.


Working with the founder, we were able to develop a business model and prioritise short term activity around the riskiest elements of their product. In their case, this was to prove the feasibility of playing an intermediary role in the fragmented solar PV market. Leveraging a number of existing solutions across the solar PV value chain, a concierge prototype was used to validate the proposition before building. 


Within weeks of getting started, GoSolarSooner was able to validate the desirability of their solution and identify the key players and partnerships required to bring it to life. The evidence was used to raise capital ahead of their product's first build.

Scale messaging logo scale_logo_dark-1

Scale Messaging helps founders craft messaging that converts. Like many B2B service providers, Scale Messaging was looking for ways to productise their services in order to increase the impact they could have.


Through a number of facilitated workshops, we were able to prioritise the right customer segments and coached the team on how to conduct problem-discovery customer conversations. These qual insights were used to define a concierge prototype which was then tested with a handful of customers.


Turned ideas into action. The team had been thinking about this problem for a while, but hadn't done anything about it. The process with More Traction held them accountable to make progress and helped them bust through barriers to get their product off the ground.


What we offer

These packages have been designed to support Climate Techs from the early stage through to scale. Each phase builds on the outcomes of the previous so that, together, they help your business achieve its strategic objectives.

There are two ways to engage us:

1) Pay as you go, or

2) Buy Now, Pay Later

Keen to work with us but can't afford it right now? Check out our "Buy Now, Pay Later" pricing model.


What do you get when you hire us?

From A to Z, we help you define and validate your Climate Tech product to get it ready for investment.

  • Get the funding you need to grow your Climate Tech
  • Cut through the noise and tell a compelling story to get investors on board
  • Get your team aligned behind a vision with clear priorities and a path to implementation
  • Validate the riskiest parts of your business model to avoid surprises when you launch
  • Leverage over 15 years of product management and innovation experience through a virtual Chief Product Officer
  • Get non-judgemental and unpretentious help from seasoned experts
  • Deliver your product roadmap

What will you miss out if you don't?

Sure, you could DIY, but have you thought about

  • Wasting time chasing investors instead of growing your business
  • Not knowing who your customer is and wasting money on marketing to the wrong person. Are you sure you haven't defined your customer segment too broadly?
  • Not solving a problem: Have you understood your customer's problems? Have you identified the problems with the current solutions? Are you sure you're not projecting the problems that you think your solution solves?
  • Overpromising and underdelivering to your investors: Have you got a validated business model that is believable and not based on hundreds of - unproven - assumptions and a fancy spreadsheet?
  • Realising after you launch, that there is no demand for your product. Imagine all the time and money that you could've saved - or given to an environmental activism NGO

Don't go it alone, let us help you get investment-ready.


Curious how we can help? Let's chat


Still got questions?

What is More Traction?

We are a Product Strategy consulting firm that helps Climate Techs, Clean Techs or any pro-environment tech company test and commercialise their ideas.

Why does More Traction exist?

The world currently generates over 50 billion tons of CO2 emissions every year. To avoid a climate disaster, we need to get to net-zero emissions by 2050—and halfway there by 2030.

Our vision is to help Climate Techs succeed in finding practical solutions to the Climate Crisis by building products that customers want.

The faster Climate Techs succeed, the sooner we'll start removing greenhouse gas emissions.

We're here to help them achieve that.

How can you help me?

Our team guides you through frameworks that clarify and align teams developing new products.

We help define your product strategy and its execution path.

We help conceive and execute experiments to de-risk new ventures before committing resources and building solutions that don't solve a customer problem.

We provide a virtual Chief Product Officer to guide and coach your team, both as part of a project and ongoing.

We provide short bursts of extra capacity to your team through our panel of expert strategists, innovators and entrepreneurs.

What is your approach?

We apply the greatest hits of customer-centred product design and follow a "Double Diamond" process which spans divergent and convergent activities.

  • Discover Phase: Understand your business, your customers, the problems you solve for them and the goals that your business wants to achieve.
  • Define Phase: Identify the fastest and cheapest path to get you from where you are today to where you need to be to achieve your goals.
  • Develop Phase: Empower your team to implement the plan by breaking it into actionable next steps.
  • Deliver Phase: Let our experts help you execute the plan by boosting your team’s capacity.
  • Evolve Phase: Provide ongoing coaching and support to help you bed down this way of working.

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